Industry recognition

Two of our tools the TMS-MST Touch and Classic have been nominated in the category of tools of the future for trading by the National Federation of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of France (CCI France).

At I.T.Youropinion, we pride ourselves on continuously building innovative solutions that help our customers identifying and grabbing the opportunities that will lead to a considerable market growth.



  What's New ?

Today, we are extremely enthusiastic to add to our packages and technical solutions family with the introduction of I.T.Propulsion and I.T.ExpansionI



I.T.Propulsion: Approach your Internal & external challenges in a Completely Different way,

What is it?:                                                                                                                                            The concept I.T.Propulsion consists of a personalised/customized on-line gift shop
with the Logo and the name of your company, of the
Would you like to have an idea?                                                                                                             Please clicK Here




I.T.Expansion: The pack Image 

What is it? :                                                                                                                              A Personalised Flash survey that assesses your universe, enhances your image and help you increase your turnover by shifting to a more participative Management style by involving your employees, collaborators, suppliers, third party providers, clients. In short, all your stakeholders.