The survey and consultancy bureau I.T.YOUROPINION develops simple and precise
survey tools in the areas of marketing, business,logistics,communication and human resources.

Improving communication, optimizing supply and demand, increasing
the turnover and better developing customer loyalty are in concrete terms
the real benefits of using the solutions proposed by I.T.YOUROPINION.


Guidance To Human Resources Departments

The success of any business depends entirely on the professionalism of its personnel and the management that oversee its operations.  Identifying any potential issues quickly and easily within any department can be critical to a business success or failure. Our precise tools can help your HR team tackle these potential problems and steer your company in the right direction.


Business Development And Customer Relations

Adopting a unique business strategy, launching efficient marketing campaigns, mastering prospecting and customer loyalty are the key steps towards a good business development. Without knowing what your customers want taking your business forward is huge gamble. Our tools can pin point your customers needs and help your business succeed.

Marketing Strategy

Striking the right balance between supply and demand is the objective of any good marketing strategy. However without the proper initial research you are pretty much shooting in the dark. Our tools can provide a detailed route to success by identifying key indicators to help push your business forward.

The Development of Corporate Communication

Corporate communication is THE expression of your strategy! Communication tools aim at promoting your image to your customers and partners. These communication campaigns will allow you to develop your customers’ loyalty. Understanding your loyal customers and giving them what they need is crucial for all businesses.

Market Research

When was the last time your company completed market research? if ever. Market research consists in collecting and analyzing data about your market to reduce the risks of failure, thus enabling you to remain sustainable and better understand your environment. Without knowing your marketplace and theirs needs can be extremely costly for your business.

Packages I.T.YourOpinion


I.T.Youropinion offers a range of precise tools to help you identify problems or issues that can arise in your company. Please download the pdf to see all we have on offer.

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